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Rivulis X-Pell | The World’s First Insect Repellent Drip Line & Drip Tape

Insects can wreak havoc on your irrigation system.

Damaging your drip lines and creating localized flooding. Causing equipment to become stuck in the mud and creating depressions in the soil.

Flooding from insect damage also reduces your yield. From over saturation near the damaged area, to plants downstream not receiving enough water.

Plus, think of all the labor required to continually monitor for damage during the season, not to mention the work then required to repair that damage.

What a mess.

There has to be a better way.

Rivulis, as the world leader in seasonal drip irrigation solutions for horticulture, has developed a field trusted innovation to address this global problem.

Rivulis X-Pell.

The world’s first insect repellent drip line and drip tape.
How does it work?

Part One. Insect damage basics.

Insects cause damage to irrigation tube while looking for food to digest.
When they ‘eat’ the irrigation tube, it takes them many bites to create an actual hole that will result in a leak.
The key therefore is to stop insects before they can make enough bites to make a hole.

Part Two. Rivulis X-Pell

Rivulis X-Pell has an active insect repelling ingredient embedded directly into the drip line or the drip tape itself.
Insects encounter this active ingredient when they bite into the tube.
One taste of the ingredient, and they are repelled. They move on, and the damage is prevented

…and how do we know this works?

Rivulis X-Pell has been trialed in six countries across the globe, in a wide variety of crops and conditions, to ensure that Rivals X-Pell delivers field-trusted results that growers can depend upon. 

For example, in Italy a test was conducted of Rivulis X-Pell compared to a control group.
The fields were monitored regularly for leaks. 

The results…

In a trial of two-hundred and sixty-two thousand meters of thin wall drip line…

Without Rivulis X-Pell – one thousand, four hundred and seventy-six holes from insect damage. 

With X-Pell. Twenty holes.

That’s a ninety-nine percent reduction.

So… some frequently asked questions.

Question one. What is the active ingredient in Rivulis X-Pell? 

The active ingredient in Rivulis X-Pell is from the pyrethroid family of insecticides. It is a synthetic version of pyrethrin that comes from the chrysanthemum flower. These insecticides have been used in agriculture for over 30 years. 

Question two. Which insects does Rivulis X-Pell repel?

The active ingredient is a broad-spectrum insecticide that can repel a wide variety of common insects known to damage drip line and tapes.

These can include but are not limited to: wireworms, crickets, beetles, earwigs, ants, gnats, moths, grasshoppers, mites, midges, spiders, yellow jackets, aphids, maggots, thrips, caterpillars, ticks, flies, fleas  

I’ll just catch my breath there.

It is important to note that Rivulis X-Pell only repels the insects; it does not kill them.

Question three: Will the active ingredient leach out of the plastic?

The active chemical is tightly bound to the plastic and only a negligible amount is released throughout the product life span. The active chemical is insoluble in water and therefore the released molecules will decompose naturally in the soil.

Question four: Can it be recycled? 

The used drip line or drip tape, can be recycled via standard recycling processes where the high processing temperatures decompose and completely destroy the active ingredient.

Question five. How many seasons can Rivulis X-Pell be used for?

Because Rivulis X-Pell is designed to protect thin wall drip lines and tapes, it is therefore designed as a single season product. 

And of course – Question six. Is it approved for use in agriculture?

Rivulis X-Pell has regulatory approval across multiple countries. This list is continually expanding, so it is best to consult your Rivulis representative to find out if Rivulis X-Pell is available in your area. 

Rivulis X-Pell. A World First Field Trusted Innovation

Concerned about insects in your field? With Rivulis X-Pell, you can have peace of mind.

Rivulis X-Pell saves you the time, the hassle and the cost of repairing insect damage to your irrigation tube.

Rivulis X-Pell protects your plants from over and under irrigation.

Rivulis X-Pell enables you to safely use lower thickness drip line and tape without fear of insect damage.

And most importantly, Rivulis X-Pell provides you with peace of mind.

Rivulis X-Pell is available across the range of Rivulis thin wall drip lines and drip tapes. Find out more and download brochure.

As a world leader in seasonal drip irrigation for horticulture, Rivulis X-Pell is just one of the many solutions offered to enable growers to Grow Beyond, season after season.

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