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Rivulis T-Tape – Put to the test

By Matt Clift

Not all drip tapes and drip lines are made equal. The blend of resin with other engineering and manufacturing factors significantly impact the strength of the finished drip line / drip tape.

Although it would be easy to compromise, we refuse to lower the bar on quality and performance. We use premium inputs, with advanced engineering and manufacturing quality standards, so you have a premium product.

Now, if you talk to growers who uses Rivulis T-Tape, they will testify to the strength of T-Tape. While you cannot beat a positive grower testimonial, we also wanted to visually demonstrate the strength of the T-Tape to someone who has not used our tape before.

Our first step was to go to the lab.

The International Organization of Standardization (ISO) prescribes a number of tests and their procedures. This ensures a standardized test to fairly and accurately assess different products. In the lab, we took Rivulis T-Tape and compared it against the leading competitor, with incredible results:

  • The burst test (ISO 9261): Rivulis T-Tape could withstand 25% additional pressure before bursting when compared to the leading competitor.
  • The elongation test (ISO 6259): Rivulis T-Tape stretched 152% further on average before breaking when compared to the leading competitor. Or what we call – stretch, not snap, for easier retrieval.
  • The stress peak test (ISO 6259): Here we compared Rivulis T-Tape 4 mil versus the leading competitor 6 mil. Despite the Rivulis T-Tape being 33% thinner than the competitor product, T-Tape required 17% more force to break compared to the leading competitor product.

We made a video to explain these tests in more detail. Watch the video and read more about our T-Tape Strength Test page – Metric Version / US Measurements Version.

As the lab tests clearly showed the strength of T-Tape, we then said, “Let’s go to the field and have some fun!”

We took some T-Tape VEGI-HE and some competitor drip line, tied each to a tractor and pulled to see which snapped first. Of course T-Tape outperformed the competitor, but you may be surprised just how far the T-Tape stretched before it broke. Watch the video here:

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