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Rivulis’ Latest drip irrigation products and new factories

Since 1966, Rivulis has been developing new drip  solutions and technologies to  meet growers’ needs

What are the key product and operational achievements of 2019?


The first insect repellent drip line/tape.

X-Pell is intended for the grower who has experienced the hassle and cost of insect damage to his drip line/tape and who is looking for a solution which has proven effective in preventing insect damage to the drip line/tape.

The Rivulis X-Pell patent-pending technology goes to the core of your drip line/tape, blending the minimum amount of insect repellent needed directly into the plastic structure to protect your drip line/tape from insect damage, from the inside out.

We launched “X-Pell” and we have received amazing feedback since then.

For more details about this item, click on: X-Pell – The first insect repellent drip line/tape


Single season tape, designed to stretch – not snap.

The T-Tape VEGI-HE is ideal for single season crops. Retrieval is easier as the tape is designed with high-elongation properties.

T-Tape 4 mil

An ultra thin T-Tape 4 Mil is one of the thinnest drip tapes available and enables longer roll lengths resulting in easier installation in field with less roll change-overs.

H6000 PE Layflat

This amazing product has 3 big advantages –

  1. Greater reliability than PVC layflat.
  2. No Leaks around the outlet.
  3. Easy and fast to install.

No Leaks around the Outlet results in:

  • Cleaner fields – fewer weeds
  • Less Maintenance
  • Save time and money – easy to install with the outlets pre-installed and 1/3 the weight of traditional PVC layflat
  • A unique process that creates a strong and durable weld between the outlets and the hoses makes the H6000 PE a long lasting solution.

For more info about H6000 PE Layflat

Rivulis R5000 PC

The first dripper designed by joint EU & Israel engineering teams.

New membrane design maintains consistent flow across every dripper across a wide range of pressures, season after season.

More details about the Rivulis R5000 PC

Factory Expansions

During this past year, our company has marked 3 major operational milestones:

  • The opening of a brand-new manufacturing building at the Rivulis Vadodara, India factory site
  • The opening ceremony of the Rivulis factory in Leon, Mexico
  • The inauguration of the Polyplastic Rivulis factory in Volzhsky, Russia  

While we have been selling in all 3 countries for years, these new manufacturing facilities represent the realization of our mission: We Make Micro Irrigation Accessible. We are focused on increasing accessibility of micro irrigation to all growers everywhere through simple, affordable and smart technology for a more sustainable future for all.

Our global manufacturing footprint now consists of 16 factories: 

  • 3 in North America
  • 3 in South America
  • 8 in Europe, Africa and the Middle east
  • 1 in India
  • 1 in Australia

We will now be able to better service our customers not only in India, Mexico and Russia, but also throughout the respective regions. We are committed to operational excellence providing our Indian, Mexican and Russian partners and growers with high availability, on-time delivery and logistical flexibility. 

In India, we will now be running with 9 lines and an annual capacity of over 250 million meters of hard wall drip lines and laterals. The Mexico factory is truly a state-of-the-art facility with 15 lines and an annual capacity of over half a billion meters of drip line/tape with room for future expansion. 

In Russia, we are the first international drip irrigation player to invest in building a local manufacturing presence. We partnered with POLYPLASTIC Group, the CIS’s largest plastic pipe manufacturer for the infrastructure and agriculture sectors. The purpose of the Joint Venture is to bring high quality micro irrigation solutions to Russia to improve farm productivity and drive higher yields. This Joint Venture reflects our core value: We Cultivate Sustainable Partnerships.

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