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Rivulis X-Pell
The World’s First Insect Repellent Drip Line & Drip Tape

If you have experienced insect damage to your drip line/tape, you know all too well the havoc it can wreak on your irrigation system!

A muddy, flooded mess in your fields, destruction of your crops and days of manual labor spent repairing the drip line/tape.

Rivulis X-Pell is your insurance policy protecting every centimeter of your drip line/tape from insect damage. The Rivulis X-Pell patent-pending technology goes to the core of your drip line/tape, blending the minimum amount of insect repellent needed directly into the plastic structure to protect your drip line/tape from insect damage, from the inside out.

Rivulis X-Pell is proven effective in preventing insect damage to drip line/tape*:

Reduces total system costs: Field damage, yield loss, intensive labor and time consuming repairs by minimizing damage to the drip line/tape.**

Saves money by using lower wall thickness drip line/tape.

Is Safe. Reliable. Recyclable.

Rivulis X-Pell is available in Rivulis T-Tape, Ro-Drip, D900, D1000 and Eurodrip Compact. Product availability differs per country.

“Peace of Mind! That is what I have with Rivulis X-Pell. Even using 6 mil drip line, we had no insect damage at all! The savings are real. We normally need 2 – 3 workers per 10 hectares to maintain our drip system. With X-Pell we only need 1 person. That’s over 50% labor savings just by using X-Pell.” Anton Gladkih, Carrot Farmer, Volgograd, Russia.

* Results from field tests of 640,000m of control (non-X-Pell) versus Rivulis X-Pell drip line/tape conducted in Italy, Australia, Russia and Spain. ** These benefits are due to the minimization of damage to drip line/tape by insects.

Rivulis X-Pell Drip Line & Drip Tape

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Rivulis X-Pell Drip Line & Drip Tape

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