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T-Tape & T-tapes Drip Tape

Rivulis T-Tape Drip Tape
Outstanding Agronomic Performance

As the #1 drip tape in the market, Rivulis T-Tape has offered outstanding agronomic performance — season after season — for the past 40 years.

Close Dripper Spacing: A great thing is when you use Rivulis T-Tape closer emitter spacing intervals do not need to come at an extra cost. Because Rivulis T-Tape has emitters manufactured into the tape itself, as opposed to inserted molded emitters, Rivulis T-Tape helps make your choice of emitter interval spacing an agronomic decision, not one based on your bank account.

Best Clogging Performance: Rivulis T-Tape’s vortex labyrinth design and slit outlet ensure the best clogging performance. The vortex labyrinth creates a high degree of turbulence to keep the dirt in suspension and prevent it from accumulating. Upon water shut off, the slit outlet collapses to help prevent soil ingestion and reduce root intrusion, making Rivulis T-Tape the most suitable solution for subsurface irrigation applications.

Hundreds of configurations: There is a Rivulis T-Tape for every crop and field need and can be installed on the ground, under plastic, or even subsurface (SDI).

Easy installation: Integrated emitter for easy installation & seam for extra strength in retrieval

Rivulis T-Tape is also available with Rivulis X-Pell in selected regions, the world’s first insect repellent drip tape.

“T-Tape gives us maximum flexibility of product choice. We use 15 cm emitter spacing as it provides the most effective wetting pattern, leading to better crop uniformity and yields.” David Moon, Onion Farmer, Australia.

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Hear Why Our Growers Love Rivulis T-Tape

Matt Hood of Rugby Farming Group shares his 20 year experience of working with Rivulis to develop his irrigation strategy for the 15,000 crop acres produced per year and the rationale for shifting from other irrigation methods to seasonal drip irrigation, specifically the benefits realized with the Rivulis T-Tape.

Alvaro Nieto, Director of Rancho Santa Amalia shares how Rivulis T-Tape has helped them achieve better yields, greater uniformity and better quality.

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