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Grow Beyond Current Blueberry Production with Drip Irrigation System

While a high value cash crop with very good revenue potential, the unique water and soil requirements and susceptibility to disease makes growing blueberries tricky.

We understand the specific crop challenges you face from shallow root systems, to a low pH requirement, to sensitivity to water stress and disease susceptibility, and can create the right drip irrigation solution for your needs, providing the right amount of water and fertilizer at the right time to create the right conditions for plant development and survival.

Whether you are growing in the ground or in bags in tunnels or greenhouses, let Rivulis help you grow beyond your current blueberry production with our full range of irrigation solutions including drip line (Rivulis D5000 AS and Hydro PC/PCND), drippers (Rivulis Supertif PCND), filters, automation and fertigation products.


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Hear What Our Growers Are Saying

Javier Villegas, the Technical Manager of Frutas Esther, Huelva uses Rivulis drip irrigation for all of his berry crops from strawberries, to raspberries to blueberries. He shares his experience working with Rivulis irrigation solutions to achieve a product that is efficient and profitable.


Season after season, growers trust their crops and livelihood to Rivulis

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With You Every Step of the Way

We offer complete turnkey projects and are with you every step of the way providing expertise throughout all project stages including design, planning, logistics, installation, training and support and real time crop monitoring and irrigation recommendations via Manna Irrigation Intelligence.

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