Meet The Team from Hidroponica San Luis

"We’ve been changing everything over to the Rivulis system. We feel more confident. We’ve seen how well it works"

- Gonzalez Casillas, General Manager


Raise your Quality Bar with the Right Irrigation System

For more than a decade, Productos del Campo Hermanos Gómez has been dedicated to the production and exporting of horticultural products. What started as an open field operation has evolved through the years into various greenhouse operations, one of which is Hidroponica San Luis, founded in May of 2014.

Currently, Hidroponica San Luis grows English cucumbers, saladette tomatoes, and organic grape tomatoes on some 20 hectares (50 acres), all destined for the export markets of the United States and Canada.

The Right Irrigation System

Perseverance and continued improvement are what characterize this innovative Mexican business, which brought them to look for systems, equipment, and products that comply with the highest quality standards. That’s why when it came to designing an irrigation system for organic, hydroponic production, they opted for Rivulis Irrigation’s products and the Supertif Flow Regulated Dripper in particular.

Supertif is ideal for hydroponic production because it provides excellent flow control, as well as constant flows at a wide range of pressures. It also has a self-activated cleaning mechanism and is made with top quality materials that give Supertif an extended shelf life.

Antonio Soroa Cerecero, irrigation systems consultant, agrees that all of the new projects are functioning properly with the Supertif Dripper at a rate of 3.8L/hour, and that they continue to update the older systems so that in one or two years every irrigation system at the operation will use Rivulis products.

Quality, Functionality, and Savings

Ruben Gonzalez Casillas, general manager at Hidroponica San Luis, notes that before they were using other brands for their irrigation systems, but none of them provided the necessary conditions to meet the production requirements. “Problems with clogging were causing the plants to get dehydrated. Now with these products (from Rivulis) we’ve seen better stability in the irrigation especially, it’s more uniform, and we’ve rid ourselves of problems related with clogging. We’ve been changing the drippers continuously, but now with this new brand we’ve had better functionality.”

Aside from the lack of problems and the durability of the product, there is another welcome benefit that would be appreciated on farm—water savings. Jorge Luis Gomez Cuevas, director of Productos del Campo Hermanos Gómez, stated that they’ve enjoyed between a 40-50% savings on their water consumption.

Personalized Service

Another great incentive of the Rivulis system is the service and technical support that they provide. “One of the competitive advantages that we have,” says the consultant for the farm, “is that the clients, regardless of whatever their situation may be when they call us, are well attended to because we are located here in the area. We have the supervision and support from the headquarters in Israel with technicians with many different specialties and we always try to provide an answer to the client as soon as possible.”

Gomez Cuevas shared his satisfaction with the service and the seriousness from Rivulis: “It seems perfect to me. In fact, we’ve seen their (Rivulis’) facilities, the offices, and the factory. And I think that thanks to Rivulis’ consulting we don’t have any problems.”
The proper vision, combined with reliable partners like Rivulis Irrigation for your production requirements, can help make the difference to become successful in the market, and Hidroponica San Luis is living proof.

The Ideal Irrigation System for Organic Hydroponic Production

Hidroponica San Luis is a 100% Mexican owned, organic operation located in Los Charcos, Michoacan, that is dedicated to the production of tomato and English cucumbers for the demanding export markets.

As the company reports, “we place a strong emphasis on innovation—both in our facilities as well as in our growing processes—to do quality work through our effort, dedication, and ability.”

Currently the farm has 250 employees from administrative personnel to the packing and production teams, which are dedicated and committed to tending to and satisfying their clients’ needs while delivering excellence and quality in all of their products.

The Transition to Hydroponics

Jorge Luis Gomez Cuevas, director of Gomez Brothers Farm Products, a cooperative/consortium to which Hidroponica San Luis belongs, explains that they decided to use the hydroponic system “to fulfill the need for better pest and disease control, as well as overall plant health, better production, and for the quality that is demanded of us in the American market.”

After trying out other systems for their irrigation system, they decided to go with Rivulis. Ruben Gonzalez Casillas, general manager of Hidroponica San Luis, adds that they’ve seen better stability in the irrigation, better durability from the drippers, and fewer clogging problems.

He confirms that hydroponic production is much more controlled: “You become aware of the watering that the plant really needs, and at the same time you’re able to transport nutrients through the same conduit.” For those reasons they chose the Supertif Flow Regulated Dripper.

The Irrigation System Decision

“Before we used other brands but we’ve been changing everything over to the Rivulis system,” said Gonzalez Casillas. “We feel more confident. We’ve seen how well the entire Rivulis irrigation system works, and they’ve also had very competitive pricing. In terms of advising, they also offer us great service. Their staff is very professional, they’re on top of all aspects of the project, and they’re dedicated to supporting the grower.”

The general manager went on to add that the quality and precision of the drippers, the profitability, the water savings, and the service that Rivulis provides compares to other brands were the decisive factors in their choosing to partner with the irrigation solutions provider.

For his part, Antonio Soroa Cerecero, irrigation systems consultant, remembers the beginning of their project starting out with their first hectare, I’ve had the privilege of seeing the growth within this operation since it first started out with its first hectare. It was originally a soil-based production, but we’ve since made the changes to convert to a hydroponic irrigation system. The production in different areas of the farm varies, and your volume may vary, but they can easily grow 300-400 tons of tomatoes.”

Assurance for the Grower

Additionally, Soroa Cerecero reports that the excellent results obtained through the Rivulis system include the Supertif Flow Regulated Dripper as the integral part of the system. “This is a brand that during all these years has had really good results,” explains the adviser.

“We are currently working with Rivulis products for hydroponics because they have better vegetation development, and therefore, the plantas have less susceptibility to clogging. This is a very big advantage in organic growing operations. And this is assurance for the grower,” he concluded.


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