Innovative Rivulis irrigation products are a wise investment.

Our industry leading irrigation products help growers better manage resources, grow more consistent crops, and increase yields.

Rivulis driplines confirm to the ISI standards, and are manufactured in ISO certified production facility. The drippers are manufactured at the Israel facility (earlier Plastro Irrigation) under strong quality supervision. The products invariably qualify various stringent quality tests before they are despatched from the factory for sale.

Rivulis in India manufactures its products at its world class manufacturing facility near Vadodara in Gujarat. All the drippers are imported from its factories in Israel. Globally, Rivulis has 11 production facilities across 9 countries.

Rivulis has appointed dealers in prominent markets of various states in India. All products and services are provided through authorized dealers who are trained to carry out different services on behalf of the company. Those interested in taking dealerships or installing system from dealerships can get in touch with us at any of our branches.

Subsidy is offered by the respective state Govt. as per rules laid down, subject to satisfying certain criteria and parameters. FIMI Irrigation is registered with different schemes of state Govt. in various Indian states for making the farmers eligible for claiming subsidy as per the scheme. However to cater the non-subsidy market and specific needs of farmers, Rivulis provides a wide variety of options. More specific details can be obtained by contacting our office.