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Innovative Rivulis irrigation products are a wise investment.

Our industry leading irrigation products help growers better manage resources, grow more consistent crops, and increase yields.

Click each product name to download the fact sheet and learn more about product functionality, uses and specifications.

Tubos Gotejadores

  • D2000 Tubo gotejador
  • D5000 Gotejador Plano Autocompensante
  • Hydro PC Tubo gotejador integral autocompensante
  • Hydrogol Tubo gotejador de fluxo turbulento
  • Peças de tubo gotejador

Fita Gotejadora

  • Hydrodrip Fita gotejadora
  • Ro-Drip Fita gotejadora
  • T-Tape Fita de rega
  • Pro-Grip Peças e acessórios


  • E1000 Gotejador em linha
  • Katif Gotejador em linha de fluxo regulado
  • Supertif Gotejador autocompensante


Mangueiras e tubos

  • Max-Flat Hose
  • Pro-Flat Mangueira plana
  • Mangueira plana T-Tape

Microaspersor e Nebulizadores