Ro-Drip Drip Tape

Ro-Drip Drip Tape Features

  • Vortex flow action/ turbulent flow channel
  • Expanding flow channel
  • Precision-molded channel

Exclusive Expanding Labyrinth: Clogging Protection

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Only Ro-Drip has an expanding flow-path that enlarges when you increase water pressure.

This unique feature helps expel foreign particles that would have permanently blocked other drip tapes. If you clog your Ro-Drip labyrinth, you can increase your system pressure which results in the expansion of the labyrinth flow channel, helping expel debris and normal operation to resume.

If you are new to drip irrigation, or have very poor water quality, why take the risk?

Choose Ro-Drip for maximum system protection.

Best Agronomic Performance

The benefits of closer emitter spacing are numerous, but are all related to more effective water movement.

Recommended Emitter Interval Spacing
10–20 cm | Strawberries and leafy greens
20–30 cm | All vegetables (except leafy greens)
30 cm | Melons, cane & cotton

When irrigating, you want water to move laterally, not deep down through the soil profile where it is either lost (including any fertilizers added) or is harder for plants to uptake. By keeping emitters spaced at close intervals, water flows laterally quicker, ensuring a continued wet strip along the row. In addition, more emitters per meter provides greater protection against crop loss if an emitter becomes blocked.

A great thing is when you use Ro-Drip, closer emitter spacing intervals do not need to come at an extra cost. Because Rivulis Ro-Drip has emitters manufactured into the tape itself, as opposed to inserted molded drippers, there is no cost difference per meter between 10 emitters per meter (10 cm spacing) and two emitters per meter (50 cm spacing).

Ro-Drip helps make your choice of emitter interval spacing an agronomic decision, not one based on your bank account.

Quality: You Can Depend Upon

Because it is your crop and livelihood on the line, we undertake extensive quality testing on every roll of Ro-Drip we manufacture to ensure the highest level of quality.

Sample tests we undertake include a flow rate test to check flow rate and variance, a burst and seal adhesion test to evaluate strength, and a visual inspection, including using a microscope to check channels are correctly manufactured.

Product Guidelines

Ro-Drip can perform at low pressure and therefore flow rates are calculated at 0.55 bar.

In some cases, you may increase pressure, which will in turn provide a higher flow rate from each emitter. For example, if you run Ro-Drip with 0.50 l/h emitter at 0.80 bar, each dripper will emit 0.62 l/h.

The table below provides a reference of the output per dripper of Ro-Drip at 0.55, 0.80 and 1.00 bar.

Emitter Flow Rate (l/h)
Based on Nominal Pressure of 0.55 bar
0.50 0.56 0.68 0.75 0.90 1.00
Flow rate (l/h) per emitter @ 0.80 bar 0.62 0.69 0.83 0.91 1.09 1.21
Flow rate (l/h) per emitter @ 1.00 bar 0.70 0.79 0.94 1.02 1.23 1.36


Diameters 16, 22 mm
Wall Thickness 05, 06, 08, 10 mil
Dripper Spacings 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 cm
Flow Rates 185 – 750 l/h/100 m
Operating Pressure 0,55 bar
Filtration requirements
l/h Micron / Mesh
< 0,65 80 / 200
0,65 – 1,2 100 / 150
> 1,2 130 / 120
Diameter/mil m kg
16/5 3810 29
16/6 3048 29
16/8 2286 29
16/10 1828 29
22/8 1737 29
22/10 1524 29
Ro-Drip Drip Tape – 16 mm (5/8″)
Wall Thickness (mil) Roll Length Spacing (cm) Flow Rate (l/h 100 m)
5 3810 10 500
5 3810 20 250, 340, 500
5 3810 30 185, 300
6 3048 10 500, 750
6 3048 20 250, 340, 500
6 3048 30 185, 300
8 2286 10 500, 750
8 2286 20 250, 500
8 2286 30 185, 300, 340
8 2286 40 250
10 1828 30 300
Emitter Spacing Flow Rate Emission Uniformity 0% Slope
(cm) (lph / 100m) Pressure (0,55 bar) (m)
16 mm
10 500 90% 167
10 750 90% 97
20 250 90% 191
20 340 90% 162
20 500 90% 126
30 185 90% 230
30 300 90% 175
19 mm
20 250 90% 266
22 mm
30 500 90% 209
30 185 90% 370
30 300 90% 286

*90% Emission Uniformity

Rivulis Pro-Grip Drip Tape Connectors

Your irrigation system is only as strong as its weakest link.
Don’t let your weakest link be cheap imitation connectors. Insist on Pro-Grip Connectors by Rivulis for ease of install reliable sealing throughout the season.

Air Reliefair_relief_parent_page_image Valve
  • Premium resins
  • Long lasting performance
  • Three types of valves: Air & Vacuum, Automatic, and Combination
Drip Line Connectorsdripline-fitting-cropped
  • High quality fittings for drip lines
  • Insert line includes couplers, reducers, start connectors, clamps, and barbed fittings



Pro-Grip Connectors
  • High quality drip tape fittings
  • Built with ease-of-use and performance in mind
  • High performance fittings with built-in valves
  • Ensure control of the flow at each lateral
F2000 Media Filter Double Chamber

F2000 Media Filter Double Chamber (gravel or sand) are the most efficient type of filtration of water heavily contaminated with algae, organic matter and other impurities found in open reservoirs, canals and recycled water systems.

F3200 Automatic Screen Filter (Hydraulic)

Great for drip irrigation systems, the F3200 Automatic Screen Filter (Hydraulic) is highly efficient and self-cleaning. The filters continue to operate during flushing and utilize a small amount of water during flushing, making the filters very efficient.

Air Reliefair_relief_parent_page_image Valves

The Rivulis Air Valves help to protect the system and ensure proper operation, including reduction of soil ingestion upon system shut-down.


Max-Flat Hose

Max-Flat Hose is the most versatile hose available for submain or water transfer applications. The combination of toughness, ease-of-use, and portability makes Max-Flat Hose the right choice for commercial growers everywhere.


H5150 Layflat, H5000 Layflat and H5200 Layflat are made with premium resins which allow the product to withstand the tough farming conditions. H5150 Layflat resists elongation and rotation. H5000 and H52000 Layflat is made with homogenous construction.




Drill Bits

Used to drill holes in PVC manifolds. Use grommets when start connectors are inserted into
PVC manifolds.

Hole Punches

To insert Pro-Grip connectors into Max-Flat or Hose use either the B400 Hole punch or B700 Hole Punch. These hole punch tools create the hole and insert the fitting in one step.

Layflat Cutters

The Layflat cutters are available in 14, 16, and 19 mm sizes. The 19 mm Layflat cutter is designed to work with the Pro-Grip layflat take-off fittings.

Layflat Spanner and Tee Hex Wrenches

The Spanner and Tee Hex Wrenches help to make installations easier with Pro-Grip Layflat fittings into layflat hoses.