Rivulis Reserve Drip Tape

High Performance, Premium Drip Tape

A premium product that offers the best results in

  • Uniformity
  • Precision
  • Clog Resistance
  • Robust Construction
  • Warranty
  • Field Support

Rivulis Reserve is a premium drip tape product designed to better meet the needs of today’s grower. The innovative proprietary production process used to make the unique design and high performance product is like no other drip product on the market. Rivulis Reserve Drip Tape is the ideal drip tape solution for growers who want the best product for their crops. This innovative premium drip tape offers some significant benefits over what’s traditionally been offered. The four major areas of advanced improvement over traditional drip tape are:


Focused on the Results

There is a certain type of grower who continues to discover new ways, outdoing what’s typical in the industry. This grower is focused on innovations that help him achieve greater results; in quality, consistency, and quantity. Each decision he makes supports his goal of better outcomes and separates him from the norm.

Precision Targeted

Whether growing tomatoes or strawberries, enhanced consistency in application of water and nutrients in each field throughout the entire operation drives greater revenues.

Rivulis Reserve Drip Tape is outstanding in its ability to per form in the field and in every field. New technology gives Rivulis Reserve Drip Tape uncommon results in uniformity across all flow rates. Each roll and each model provides the same high precision target throughout your field.

Zeroed in on Performance

The most knowledgeable growers understand that the performance of their drip tape has a significant effect on the cost of many inputs and in the end, yields. It ’s not just about working, but about outperforming others. Growers know that zeroing in on performance can pay great dividends.

The Rivulis Reserve Drip Tape product line is all about performance. The manufacturing technology used in Reserve Drip Tape allows Rivulis Irrigation to zero in on precision like no other drip tape. Rivulis Reserve Drip Tape delivers more consistent and reliable performance to zero in on better results.

Strength as a Focal Point

As the old adage goes, time is money. And spending extra time in the field working with your drip tape costs time and money. More efficient installations and extractions free up valuable hours for other operations on the farm.

Rivulis Reserve Drip Tape is incredibly strong and robust, and resists stretching, twisting and deformation. The benefits of this strength range from faster installations to greater irrigation precision. Because Rivulis Reserve is so strong, it operates with a higher standard operating pressure and comes with a longer warranty.


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  • Current Tape Product Info


5/8”, 7/8”

Wall Thickness
5, 6, and 8 mil

6, 8, 9, and 12 inch

Flow Rates
.170, .190, .260, .380, .500, .750 gpm/ 100’

Flow Rate
(gpm/100 feet)
Roll Length
101047565 5/8” 5 8 0.750 10 15 12,000
101047567 5/8” 5 12 0.500 10 15 12,000
101047573 5/8” 6 8 0.750 10 15 10,000
101047575 5/8” 6 12 0.500 10 15 10,000
101047579 5/8” 8 8 0.380 10 18 7,546
101047585 7/8” 6 6 0.250 10 15 7,380