E1000 Dripper

E1000 Dripper Features

  • Two part construction for easy maintenance
  • Multi-function port allowing use of different connectors or microtubes for numerous applications
  • Color Code indicates flow rate

The Rivulis E1000 Dripper is
Cost Effective. It is a dripper that that can be used standalone or also with tube and pegs. Available in flow rates of 2.0, 4.0 and 8.0 l/h (calculated at 1 bar pressure). Alternatively, you may choose to use overhead irrigation for all your irrigation requirements. However this is only suitable for specific crops that are durable to fungus and pests.

Easy Cleaning. Every pack of 1,000 drippers comes with a useful E1000 spanner. This specially designed spanner allows you to open your E1000 dripper with ease. Once open, you have full access to the flow labyrinth allowing you to easily clean the dripper.


Orchards and potted plants in nurseries and home gardens.