Why Rivulis Irrigation

Innovative Rivulis irrigation products are a wise investment.

Our industry leading irrigation products help growers better manage resources, grow more consistent crops, and increase yields.

Drip systems are proven to be 85-90% more efficient in comparison to traditional irrigation methods. Rivulis Irrigation™ facilitates a better irrigation management solution that empowers the culivators to regulate fertilizer application and manage irrigation water in an effective way, to enable them grow healthy crop of better quality, with higher yields to fetch significantly higher returns.

At Rivulis, we first understand the water requirement, specific to the location, crop need, available resources which helps us to design a precise water management solution. Rivulis not only undertakes installation of the drip system as per the design, but also guides the customers on operation and maintainance of system and better crop yields.

Rivulis offers to its customers, much more than just an extensive range of drip irrigation products

  • Complete package for efficient irrigation management, including automation.
  • Internationally acclaimed high Quality products.
  • Innovation and field-proven success in agricultural irrigation.
  • Customised irrigation design layouts for precise irrigation management for each customer.

Rivulis thus helps optimum use of water in all crops in various soil, climate and topography. Apart from open field and sub-surface irrigation, Rivulis also offer products for humidification, misting, fogging, temperature control in closed environment like poultry, dairy, polyhouses etc.

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