Innovative Rivulis irrigation products are a wise investment.

Our industry leading irrigation products help growers better manage resources, grow more consistent crops, and increase yields.

Design – Our Design Team receives inputs from individual customer regarding the crop, its water requirement, cropping pattern, climate, soil type, water source, water availability, topography, and several related parameters, that go into scientifically calculating the quantity of water that needs be provided through the system. The scientifically designed system supports optimum water usage that is able to provide appropriate quantity of water as per the growth stage, as a result the crop is able to grow luxuriously and deliver yield to its fullest capacity. We use latest technology in designing viz. GPS for accurate surveys, Google earth for elevations, WCADI Design Software hydraulic design, Small Holder Software, Autocad etc. Based on the design, the material list is prepared and supplied to the customers.

Supply and Installation – Our team ensures that the materials as suggested in the design are correctly packed and promptly forwarded to our customers. On receipt of the material at the site, and ensuring that the pre-requisites are met, the team assembles the various parts and installs the modular system, to make its functioning efficient.

A.S.T.S. – Our “After Sales Technical Services” team works with growers on their sites and ensures that the system is correctly installed, and necessary care is taken in order to ensure long life of the system. All necessary instructions are provided to the farmers to operate, maintain and take proper care of the system, immediately after installation. At times training of farm teams is also conducted on special request.

Agronomy – Our team of Agronomists support the customers by guiding them on the correct time, quantity, duration of water to be provided in each crop stage. They also suggest the fertilizer requirement of the crop, ways and means to grow a healthy crop and useful aspects for in optimizing the crop yields.

Training – Our Training cell ensures that all our field personnel are update with the latest knowhow and techniques. Similarly the dealers staff are also trained at regular intervals. Customers are trained in small groups for better maintainence and operation of the drip system.

Customer Care – Our support team is an extended version of the ASTS team and provides the after sales care and product related training and resolving queries if any.