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We’re known for our products and we’re making a difference with people. Rivulis Irrigation is the only manufacturer of the well known irrigation brands of T-Tape, Hydrodrip, Ro-Drip, D5000, Supertif, and the extensive line of Plastro products.

We’re growing the business of our partners by combining the industry’s leading irrigation products with the right people. Interested in becoming a Rivulis Irrigation dealer? Please respond below and a your request will be reviewed by the Rivulis representative in your market.

  • Market Information
  • What are the main products and services your company sells?
  • Have you sold irrigation products into the agricultural industry? Where and when?
  • What counties, states, or areas does your company serve currently?
  • What do you believe is the revenue potential for Rivulis Irrigation products in your market?
  • Which of the Rivulis Irrigation products are you most interested in? (Select all that apply)
  • What type of markets do you serve? (agriculture/crop, landscape, etc..)
  • Is there any other information you would like to provide to Rivulis Irrigation to help determine if your company is a good match for Rivulis products?



Important Note: The information you provide is preliminary and is not considered an application for a dealership. All awards of dealerships must be approved in writing by Rivulis Irrigation and must undergo a thorough evaluation process. Rivulis Irrigation does not assume any obligation of liability for any costs you may incur in preparing or submitting any information to Rivulis Irrigation. Any action taken by you concerning this information should be done at your own risk, peril and liability.