Supporting agricultural water management throughout the world.

Our industry leading irrigation products help growers better manage resources, grow more consistent crops, and increase yields.

Rivulis provides industry leading drip and micro irrigation solutions with superior channel partners to growers that want to optimize operations and output.


Who We Are

Rivulis® operates in over 100 countries by virtue of the presence of its predecessor John Deere Water that had earlier acquired Plastro Irrigation from Israel; Roberts Irrigation and T-Systems from the USA; and also the recent merger with Eurodrip.

Rivulis offers complete range of micro irrigation components including round and flat drip lines, drip tapes, filters, hose and tubing, mini and midi sprinklers, foggers, misters, online emitters and valves etc.

A Strong Foundation

On June 1, 2014, FIMI Opportunity Fund, Israel purchased the global drip irrigation business ‘John Deere Water’ from Deere & Company, Moline, U.S.A. FIMI Opportunity Fund was ranked the top fund worldwide in terms of long-term return for investors in 2013. John Deere had earlier acquired the leading companies like Roberts Irrigation, T-Systems International both from U.S.A., and Plastro Irrigation from Israel. In October 2015, Dhanna Engineering Private Limited acquired 49% stake in Rivulis Irrigation India Private Limited from FIMI Opportunity Fund, getting synergy from their automobiles and agricultural tractor business. With this transition Rivulis stands on a solid foundation backed by – global presence, products focused on delivering results, quality and process driven systems, and world class Infrastructure. With the big merger on March 1st 2017, between Rivilus and Eurodrip, Rivulis is now the global leader in Drip Irrigation Industry.

International Presence

Headquartered at the heart of the irrigation industry – Israel, Rivulis products are old through a global network of dealer partner serving multiple industries including agriculture, horticulture, landscape and mining. Rivulis boasts of a strong worldwide presence through:

  • Its global network of over 2,500 dealers/partners
  • 15 Production facilities across 13 countries
  • Strategically identified 8 business units represented worldwide (as enlisted below) by over 1,700 dedicated employees
Strategic Business Units:
  • Rivulis Plastro, Argentina – Bolivar 1365 Norte, Chimbas San Juan, Argentina
  • Rivulis, Australia – 13-15 Duntroon Street, Brendale, Queensland, Australia
  • Rivulis Plastro Irrigacao, Brazil – Uberlandia, Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • Rivulis Plastro, Chile – Cerro Santa Lucia 9990-Quilicura, Santiago, Chile
  • Rivulis Europe – 13 Chemin de Novital, Zi la Pointe, Lespinasse, France
  • Rivulis USA – 7545 Caroll road, San Diego, California, United States
  • Rivulis India – 203, MAYFAIR Towers, Wakdewadi, Pune- India
  • Headquarters – Rivulis Plastro, Kibbutz Gvat, MP ha’amakin 36579 Israel

Globally the business is managed by Richard Klapholz (Chief Executive Officer), Alex Kannor (Chief Financial and Operating Officer), Adi Mannor Kiraly (Chief Marketing Officer), Hagit Cohen (Director of Global Finance) and Gil Arad (Director of Global Manufacturing) from Israel.

Indian Operations

Rivulis Irrigation with its corporate office for Indian operations in Pune and the global headquarters in Israel, aims to provide precise and durable drip and micro irrigation solutions with technical guidance to our customers all over. With its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located near Vadodara, Gujarat, Rivulis products are registered with various Indian government departments under the drip irrigation subsidy scheme.