Translating Field-Proven Innovation into Real Grower Results



Who We Are

Rivulis Eurodrip is a micro-irrigation solutions innovator, offering the global agriculture sector the broadest portfolio in the market and the most comprehensive range of services. Our leadership in bringing real solutions to the field enables growers everywhere to achieve higher quality crops more consistently and increase yields with greater cost efficiency, while managing water and land scarcity.

Season after season, we work side-by-side with individual growers and large corporate plantations to provide the right irrigation solutions for any challenge. We are dedicated to sustaining an ecosystem of success for our business partners and growers.

Our Winning Combination

Rivulis Eurodrip delivers on large scale operations, global distribution, leading product brands and complete irrigation solutions. Our comprehensive platform includes:

  • The industry’s most extensive product portfolio consisting of trusted brands such as T-Tape, Ro-Drip, Hydrogol, D5000 PC, Eolos, Eolos Compact and Supertif
  • A wide range of services from system design, hands-on training, in-the-field technical support to Manna Irrigation a sensor-free, software-based irrigation recommendations at the touch of a button and beyond.
  • With R&D Centers spanning the globe from California to Greece and Israel, our knowledge-base in the micro-irrigation sector is rooted in a deep understanding of product and manufacturing innovation that brings value to the grower.
  • A cross company culture that values long term, sustainable relationships with our business partners and growers as the key to mutual success.
Our Vision
Our Vision

We understand the challenge of being a grower.

We also understand that being a grower is all about passion.
We share that same passion.

We are here to help growers improve yields economically & sustainably, and address water & land scarcity through proven, state-of-the-art micro-irrigation solutions.


Our Mission
Our Mission

To be a global leader in the adoption of micro-irrigation solutions by:

Providing comprehensive solutions & custom projects which are reliable, easy-to-use & affordable to growers;

Building long term, rewarding relationships with growers & business partners.


Our Culture
Our Culture

Steeped in our grower heritage & founding role in the micro-irrigation industry, we blend:

A genuine commitment to growers' and partners' success;

An innovative & fast-moving spirit and integrity in the way we do business.


Field Trusted Innovation: Past, Present & Future

As an industry leader in an ever changing world, we strive to lead the market to smarter technology that supports growers through the entire cycle, from efficient system design through continuous monitoring and irrigation recommendations to successful harvest. As a result of our strong relationships with our business partners, we know what is happening in the field and we are innovating solutions today to solve today's and tomorrow's grower challenges.

Our History

Rich in history that spans more than 50 years, Rivulis Eurodrip continues to develop, manufacture, refine and support top quality micro-irrigation solutions for the global agriculture market.

2006 - Starting with the consolidation of three of the leading micro-irrigation companies, Plastro, T-Systems and Roberts into John Deere Water.

2014 - The consolidated company was purchased by FIMI Opportunity Funds and Rivulis Irrigation was born. Since then, Rivulis has focused on providing continuous innovation and strong service to meet the growing needs of the irrigation markets around the world.

2015 - Rivulis announced that it had consummated a definitive investment agreement with Dhanna Engineering Private Limited (DEL), a company of the Abhay Firodia family of India –  a well-known and highly respected family in India, holding controlling interests in Force Motors Limited (Force Motors).

2016 - Rivulis expanded into irrigation-focused precision agriculture software services with Manna Irrigation, a fully owned subsidiary.

2017 - Rivulis and Eurodrip, a seasoned industry veteran of nearly 40 years, merged to create a global leader in micro-irrigation with unparalleled market coverage and the industry’s most extensive product and solution offering.


Our Global Presence

With 1,700 employees, 15 factories and a global distribution network of over 2,500 dealers and OEM partners, Rivulis Eurodrip is a major player impacting the growing move of agriculture to micro-irrigation.

Through system design provided by our 5 Design Service Centers, product innovation provided by our three R&D Centers in Israel, California and Greece, training, technical support and Manna Irrigation, a sensor-free, software-based irrigation recommendations and more, we work side by side to achieve results for our business partners and growers.

15 Factories | 1,700 Employees Worldwide | 3 R & D Centers | 5 Design Service Centers | 2,500 Dealers Worldwide

Our Global Presence

Our Product and Services – The Most Extensive in the Industry

With the industry's most extensive product offering with leading, trusted product brands such as T-Tape, Ro-Drip, Hydrogol, D5000, Eolos, and Compact, Rivulis Eurodrip is uniquely positioned to provide just the right products to make the most of your unique growing operations.

Our extensive product offering includes
In addition to our products, we offer a wide range of services

Global Design Services Design is an iterative process requiring feet on the ground. We have several in-house design centers throughout the world and key partnerships with leading design firms. In addition, we invest in training and developing tools for our business partner network.

Manna Irrigation Intelligence a sensor-free, software-based solution that provides site-specific irrigation recommendations at the touch of a button, without the hassle of in-ground sensors.